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We offer landscape designs for both commercial and residential clients as well as for governmental institutions and municipalities. Our landscape designers and architects work as a team in order to satisfy the customer’s demands by making the ultimate landscape design and guarantee the efficient achievement of any landscape project. The final outcome consists of a superb landscape design that combines the client’s desires with the site potentials.


Pepinieres la Sagesse provides you with a wide variety of plants which can be arranged to embellish your garden. Our advanced equipment allows us executing the finest projects. With years of experience, our execution team’s goal is to create beautiful outdoor spaces that brighten your home and give you enough energy to boost your day.


The maintenance of a garden we designed is not only a service we offer but a pleasure for our staff. Maintenance is considered to be the most important factor in the success of any landscape design. A garden needs constant maintenance; this is why Pepinieres La Sagesse will be with you from the beginning of the project till its end. Our specialized team put all their efforts in order to keep the project at a high standard. Our treatment, which uses various equipment, chemical products, pesticides and fertilizers, will help in avoiding seasonal pests and plant diseases. We offer different service and maintenance contract options.


The choice of the irrigation system, whether to be manual or automatic, is an important step in any project. For that purpose, we take many things into consideration such as water quantity. In order to guarantee the long term success of gardens, we tempt to use technology with our pumping systems. Our nursery provides its customers with all the requirements needed for irrigation systems.


Pepinieres La Sagesse doesn’t only trade within Lebanon; it also sells to other Arab countries like Jordan, Syria, Iraq, UAE, etc… A part of our merchandise is brought in from Europe, Far East and other regions; then sold in Lebanon, while the other part is provided by our private sources. We have our own producers that manufacture in order to respond to our demands. We are the agents of some international sources from which we buy specific products and distribute them all across Lebanon and the area.


Pepinieres La Sagesse is a large nursery that sells other nurseries in Lebanon. According to retail services, we are known as a reference in Lebanon and Arab countries. We provide our customers with a wide variety of plants and trees such as (ornamental, all kind of fruit trees including exotic fruits, Mediterranean plants, subtropical, and tropical etc…). The special sources we work with help us afford the best quality plants to our customers for good prices.


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