Pépinières La Sagesse

Company Profile

Pépinières La Sagesse was established in 2002. Our nurseries are considered to be one of the most professional across Lebanon and the region. Our management and team members have been ensuring an on- going research to obtain the highest quality of product and services in the market, in order to provide our customers with a professional, efficient and courteous service.
In addition, giving our customers the best possible advices and browsing through several clever and unique landscaping ideas and designs, we add stylish touches to your outdoor space, backyards, gardens or even indoor spaces, providing the supply, execution, irrigation, and maintenance part as well.
Our retail services are known to have the highest quality of products. Moreover, our wide variety of plants and landscaping projects gives our customers many choices. In addition, we have the wholesale service that supplies traders in Lebanon and Arab countries with large quantities from our products among best prices.

Mission Statement

Our goal is to provide a rewarding experience for our customers. We strive to afford high quality merchandise and to give helpful information about specific topics that our customers need. Our team tries to put all their professional effort on behalf of our clients. It’s not just a career for us; it’s a passion that includes honesty, hard work, and integrity.


Our philosophy is to sustain nature by improving the health of the environment. We allow the beauty of nature to guide our design ideas in order to bring them to life. We strive to draw inspiration from the soil, the sun, and the sky.


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